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Manny Road End is the brainchild of this rather handsome chap pictured here. This is of course myself, The Boy Holty, the legendary writer of sports comedy and general all-purpose hilarity. . . in my opinion.

The site was originally designed and built towards the end of 2007 and was completed during my two weeks paternity leave when my youngest daughter was born in January 2008 - that went down particularly well with the wife as you can probably imagine (and quite possibly a contributary factor in tyhe breakdown of my marriage). Since then it has had two facelifts, the latest being in July 2011 which you're seeing now.

It is one of the top 10 most popular independent Bury FC websites (ok well there's only about three in total). In fact I believe it is the only truly independent site as the other so called 'independents' are all part of larger networks such as the former Rivals group, Vital Football and the FootyMad network. Bury FC have sites with all these but this is the loveliest. In any case some of these other sites have either sadly fallen into disrepair or don't have anyone to manage and look after them.

So here we are, we're the most popular, most humerous, most likely to keep you safe during a nuclear attack independent Bury FC website and fans forum . . well actually, we have always struggled for visitors and at the time of writing have about 100 registered site members, the vast majority of whom have never come anywhere near the site since they registered but there's a small band of heroes who keep it alive. You know who you are and I'm very grateful to you all.

So to the new version - there's more features and more pictures, but the best thing is that there's a bit more interactivity. You can add messages to blog entries, and there's functionality for other people to contribute articles or match reports now.

If you're read this far then you deserve a medal (but you won't get one). Thanks for visiting the site and here's hoping we can all keep it going for many more years.

Up the Shakers

The Boy Holty - July 2011