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Doomed Shakers finally hit some form
by The Boy Holty (April 21, 2013)

After a decent performance and a winning result against Scunthorpe, Bury went and got a very creditable draw from the Bescot Stadium against a Walsall side that could have made the play-offs before this game. Efe Sodje's 90th minute tap-in, put an end to that though and with Portsmouth being diocked ten points, we'll not finish bottom of the league. In fact we're looking to finish the season on a (sort of) high and could potentially complete the season in the dizzy heights of 22nd place. Wowzers!
So we face Yeovil next Saturday and they have virtually nothing to play for with their play off place secured although their players will be looking to win their places in the team for the two play off games and a possible Wembley final.
In other news, Bournemouth have secured promotion to the Championship and well done to them. Doncaster or Brentford will join them and those two sides meet at Griffin Park next weekend in what will be a huge game for both. Personally I'd like to see Doncaster do it but I'm honestly not really arsed either way. At the bottom, its ourselves, Hartlepool and Portsmouth dropping down into league two and most likely it will be Scunthorpe that join us, although Colchester could take their place after Oldham saved themselves from the drop.

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