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The Boy HoltyAccrington 0 Bury 0February 20, 2014 : 09:20
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Well Bury battered ten man Accrington but couldn't find a way past their keeper, on a pleasant Lancashire evening up the valley. We had 14 shots to their 1 so David Flitcroft was rightly disappointed to only get a point. We're still moving in the right direction and with the acquisition of left sided Jake Carroll on a month loan from Huddersfield, it looks like we may be seeing the back of Freddie Vaseli. I think this would be a shame as Vaseli has done well but FLitcroft has had his eye on Carroll for ages so probably rates him higher than Vaseli anyway.
Wimbledon away on Saturday and a long overdue trip to the capital for myself and the lads. Should be a hoot.

pars shakerFebruary 21, 2014 : 04:06
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I used to live in Wimbledon actually,about a mile from the tennis of the slightly more pleasant areas of London...have fun...
I must say I was quite enjoying Bury's mini resurgence there for a while until the weather arrived...a shame to stop the momentum,but I think we're looking promising for mid lower table obscurity this season....I must say I was sweating it at the end of last year,but things seem to be on the up...
Up here in Pars land,I have,in between trying to get used to the bloody cold,been doing some volunteer work at East End Park...this generally involves wandering around with a paint brush in the bowels of the stadium,open jawed at the wealth of comforts and luxuries offered to the clearly mollycoddled players of a 2nd Division Scottish club...actually,it's been a lot of fun,and I get to see parts of the stadium that I never normally would (the away end being a good example)...
Weather wise,we've been quite lucky in Dunfermline compared to the west and down south,so we haven't had our season too badly Holty said on another thread,the Bury players and staff can pretty much cancel any plans they had for any given Tuesday in the forseeable future...the good old British weather eh? I should have bloody well stayed where I was...tomorrow we'll be trying to cement our place in the playoffs by gubbing Ayr Utd....I'll be there freezing while Holty and his dubious acquaintances torment and torture the innocent denizens of South West London...a most constructive way to spend a Saturday afternoon in the Big Smoke,that's what I say... :-)

thick & thinFebruary 23, 2014 : 09:46
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Having watched the game at Accy and then enjoyed the result against the Wombles I can't see any danger of relegation. With so many teams separated by so few points between 8th. and 22nd. there will always be teams around Bury taking important points off each other. 50 points looks easily attainable and a fair target for safety. At last the team looks as if it isn't worried by the threat of relegation and this can only lead to more confident performances.

I have just listened to Richie Yanukovych's radio interview after Pompey's latest defeat and he is already trotting out the same excuses we heard just before his departures from Bury and Crawley. Blaming his players publicly hasn't worked yet. Not long left there unless he and comrade Caitlin sort it out quickly.

Really looking forward to next season provided the board and management team don't lose interest.

And please keep the site going because I certainly won't be signing up to the official one and the contributions to the Bury Times' articles contain some of the weirdest comments I have ever seen !

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