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thick & thinPablo Mills and Friday...March 9, 2014 : 06:28
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What a great game he had!

As for the rest of the team I really enjoy watching them try to build an attack from the back three. Loads of complaints from around me in the South Stand about this approach but I would prefer that any time to the long hopeful punt from defence to attack. Don't people see the best teams in each League doing this on television ? I'm sure this approach will pay dividends against most teams. Hardly surprising that both teams cancelled each other out as Hill and Flitcroft must coach the same tactics.

Not difficult to see why young Mr. Young has been released by several clubs above League 2 - all pace and skill but no football brain. A shame Tutte was unavailable but at least it shows that there is some strength in depth in the squad. He had a quiet game at Cheltenham and wasn't obviously missed on Friday. Whereas Mayor played really well last Saturday his no-show on Friday didn't stop excellent chances from being created.

Such a shame that Flitcroft hasn't been at the Club from the start of the season. Almost feels as though we are just waiting for next season already. Good to see over 4000 Bury supporters in the ground again.

The Boy HoltyMarch 11, 2014 : 00:38
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True Mills did play well, especially as the game wore on. I think with our current back 3 or 4, we're seeing defenders who are really comfortable on the ball probably for the first time since the likes of Lucketti & Butler.

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The Boy HoltyPablo MillsMarch 12, 2014 : 03:22
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He was outstanding again against Fleetwood

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