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  • The Boy HoltyNew signingsMarch 28, 2014 : 01:43
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    Bury have signed two new loan strikers in Hallam Hope and Danny Rose. With our first choice front two having a combined age of about 70, we need some young blood, not to mention pace up front and hopefully these boys will be able to provide that.

    new signings

    pars shakerMarch 31, 2014 : 05:04
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    Pretty decent start for the pair of them eh? Promising...

    thick & thinApril 3, 2014 : 09:13
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    What an amazing job DF and SD have done. Continual progress and always trying to play good football despite the inevitable postponements, poor pitches, loss of form, injuries, loan recalls and whingeing supporters. The current 'back 3' are more skilful and intelligent footballers than numerous midfielders we have watched at Gigg during recent years. Long may it continue !

    Interesting to see where Alan Knill and Ritchie Barker will be involved in football this weekend. Still, the grass is always greener..?

    The Boy HoltyApril 4, 2014 : 00:26
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    Yes they've done a great job and made good on all their claims so far. I'm fairly confident that next season will be a championship chasing campaign.

    There were fans booing on Tuesday when one of our players misplaced a pass and Flitcroft mentioned this in his post-match interview. Sadly its a part of life at Bury, that as soon as things start to turn around, the fans want it all and they want it now.

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