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  • The Boy HoltyOn this day in 1989 . . April 1, 2014 : 00:37
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    Bury 0 Huddersfield Town 6

    Martin Dobson had just been sacked and Wilf McGuinness was placed in temporary charge. We were 2-0 down at half time, and the second half was a riot. Just over a year later though, and we played the Terriers again. The scoreline was the same, but the other way round as the Shakers exacted the perfect revenge.

    Its Football JimApril 9, 2014 : 04:22
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    I can remember that sore line being read out over the car radio when I was travelling with friends and I couldn't quite believe it. Damned embarrassing at the time. Funnily enough just over a year later, and the same score repeated but in our favour, I was nowhere near those same friends. Who scored ours in the second match then?

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