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  • The Boy HoltyA quiet Friday afternoonApril 4, 2014 : 08:29
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    I've been looking at all our results since I started watching Bury regularly in 1988 (that was when I got my first season ticket), just to see if I could remember certain games and to try to work out how many times I've seen them play. I also did a bit of data crunching on how many times we've played teams. Would anyone care to hazard a guess as to which team we've played the most times in all senior competitions since 1988?

    I'll publish all the results eventually.

    thick & thinApril 5, 2014 : 08:03
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    I'll go for Port Vale. If not, maybe Walsall ?

    ...and why are we not winning against Exeter yet ?!

    Its Football JimApril 9, 2014 : 04:25
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    I'd say Northampton town or Colchester or Brentford or Chesterfield....or

    The Boy Holtyand the winner is . . . RochdaleApril 11, 2014 : 00:45
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    Since 1988, we've played fail 34 times in league and cup, 26 league games and 8 cup meetings.

    Here's the top ten of teams we've played in all competitions over the past 26 seasons.
    Notts County33
    Shrewsbury Town33
    Northampton Town29
    Lincoln City28
    Crewe Alexandra27
    Mansfield Town27
    Preston North End27

    We've faced Bolton a mere 17 times in that same period.

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