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  • thick & thinRetained list...May 1, 2014 : 11:26
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    Personally disappointed to see Jensen released when Charles-Cook is obviously not ready. Presumably DF has an experienced but younger replacement lined up. Is Lainton still under contract ? Although I would hardly think he has the experience DF would be looking for. Presumably also Miller, who I thought would be more than useful next season, is considered to be too old and injury prone. Listing Grimes and Proctor comes as no surprise but difficult to see how either will command a fee. Genuinely excited about the new faces whoever they may be.

    Good to see the Club acting quickly to get things in place for next season which is something which doesn't seem to have happened for a while.

    Incidentally Holty thanks for keeping the site running this season even though the lack of contributions must be soul destroying. If only a handful of the 100+ readers joined in it could be really interesting. Hope to come back to it in August to enjoy another promotion season. Enjoy Morecambe !

    dundeeshakerMay 6, 2014 : 05:51
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    not been on much myself lately but yes ta for a great web site keep it going holty cheers

    shaker till i die

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